Sports….. the last pure, live, unscripted* forms of entertainment we have. Sports are a unifying, bonding experience across religion, and border. Look at Europe, these European soccer fans, they are intense as shit….


I mean if you don’t respect those crazy bastards enthusiasm for their team, I don’t respect you….. What I love about sports is the emotional response it generates. In fantasy football, when I lose a match-up… I’m legitimately depressed, in a pissed off, don’t fuck with me mood. I FUCKING LOVE SPORTS…. and sadly, this beloved world of mine is under attack.

Sports coverage has changed…… and not in a good way.

I remember the good ol’ days of SportsCenter, when you actually got FUCKING GAME HIGHLIGHTS. Not this new Disney version of the world wide leader. This version doesn’t give us hightlights and scores, it just gives us stories to pull on your emotional heart strings. This version, crams make-a-wish DOWN OUR THROATS,  their idea of “Breaking News” is when Lebron sneezes.

People…. that isn’t how sports should be covered. The people want game updates, they want to talk about how this NBA is currently experience a once in a generation rookie class, or how the Pacers have been on fire and Paul George is once again an MVP Candidate. They want to talk about the actual games. NOT TRY TO PANDER TO THE SOCCER MOM’S AND GET AS MANY CLICKS ONLINE AS YOU CAN. I miss the old days of SportsCenter.

The Greek aint about that bulls**t. I FUCKING LOVE SPORTS… So by now, you’re probably asking yourself, How will the 4th Coast cover sports??? Well, I’m glad I prompted you to ask yourself that while reading this!!! I always wanted “after dark” coverage of sports.  I want the freedom of speech this great land gives us. I want to say “Derrick Rose… thanks for the memories, but you have a child’s mentality… you’re soft as shit, and I want you gone.” When my stud quaterback in fantasy football puts up a goose egg, you can bet your ass “F-bombs” will flying left and right the next morning. And why shouldn’t they!!!! Sports prompt, inspire, and invoke the biggest emotional highs, and the biggest emotional lows.

I FUCKING LOVE SPORTS… and if you like sports, you’ll dig our site. Here at the 4th Coast, we bring you the very best in the world of sports, specifically all things 4th Coast. I hail from the best city in the world, Chicago… so we will be covering them extensively, but fear not my non-Illinois 4th Coasters, we got you covered. The gang and I will be talking all things BIG 10, Indy, and Michigan to start.

So sit down, buckle up, crack open an adult beverage, spark up some green if that’s your thing, and get ready for how sports are meant to be covered…. unfiltered.

Thanks for making us a part of your day, and until next time…. Take it Easy 4th Coasters


The Greek

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