I always hated people for long flowery emotional post on Facebook, but call me a hypocrite because this will be a lot like that. I want to tell you my story. I’m not telling you a sob story, I don’t want your sympathy, nor am I asking for it. However, I feel it’s important to talk about the type of guy I was before, who I am now, and my motivation for doing this. I offer up my thoughts and my opinions on this site.  There are a million jackass that do that everyday… and I always felt if you are hearing someone speak their opinion and feelings, they better damn well explain why they are qualified to speak on the subject, and the better fucking speak from the heart, no bullshit. So get ready to “meet” me…

I’m from Chicago, west suburbs to be exact, and I went to IU for undergrad. After graduation, I worked in corporate banking, and I was a cubicle monkey. Sure I had more disposable income than ever before…. but my soul wasn’t happy…. I was depressed… I abused drugs and alcohol to numb the pain that I was feeling. I was a serious pothead and unfortunately I was depressed but didn’t know it and then everything changed…..


To quote Kanye, “they say people in your life are seasons, and everything thing that happens is for a reason.”  … I’ve always liked the sound of that.

How most crazy stories start, I met this girl. Long story short, things didn’t last and she broke-up with me out of nowhere. QUARTER LIFE CRISIS ALERT.  At the time I couldn’t shake it off, those days were some of the darker ones of my life. Everybody goes through shit, and I’m not saying my case is anything special, but being they hyper-analytical person I am, I start to question the status quo around me.

I realized that although, I loved all the toys of being a banker it wasn’t for me. After lots of reflection inward, I decided life is far to short to wake up and be dreading going to work everyday. That’s what I call #The4thCoastMovement, it’s about looking inward and discovering your passions in this life. Life is far to short to not pursue ones dreams Every.Single.Day.

So to sum it all up, I’m just a regular guy who decided I’ve got nothing to lose, might as well go shake it up.

So in closing Laydees and Gents,
Welcome to #The4thCoast and thanks for being a part of #thefourthcoastfam


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